100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics Review

100 Must-Have Lullaby Baby Classics

Babies are a mystery at times, even to the most experienced parents, and it seems there are moments where nothing you do can calm them down or get them to sleep. Music has long been known to help people of all ages relax, and it works especially well with babies, especially the soothing sounds of classical music.

Cobra Entertainment has released 100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics as a one-stop shop for all of your baby-soothing needs. With this album playing in the background as you talk to your baby, sing to them, soothe them, or help them go to sleep, you’ll be setting a calm mood and teaching them about the wonders of classical music.

100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics

Cobra Entertainment is known for releasing classic music compilations to suit just about any mood and listener, and their 100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics are aimed at the little ones in our lives. This album will help you soothe and calm your baby, whether you’re bathing them or trying to get them to sleep.

With 100 songs from some of the world’s greatest composers, it will be effortless to calm your baby down.


Studies have shown how beneficial classic music can be for growing minds, so you’ll get even more use out of it. Here are just some of the songs you can find on this selection:

  • ​Camille Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals: XIII. The Swan
  • ​Johannes Brahms - Cradle Song: Lullaby
  • ​Francisco Tarrega - Lagrima

​Pros And Cons Of The 100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics

There are many happy reviews from parents who purchased this album to help soothe their babies and reported that it helped them sleep through the night. If you’re struggling to relax your baby or get the sleep you desperately need, this would be a great addition to their nursery.

As with other MP3 downloads of albums found online, some of the songs were quieter in volume than others. Therefore, you’ll need to listen through to the tracks and figure out an optimal volume before you leave it on all night for your little one.

How To Get 100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics


The best and only place to get this album is through Amazon. You’ll be able to directly download the MP3 with the 100 songs for under $1 which is amazing value. Considering how much sleep it will help your baby (and you) get, it’s a worthy investment.

The Final Say

We all know how soothing classical music can be for adults, so imagine the effects that 100 Must Have Baby Lullaby Classics will have on your little ones. This is an album that you can enjoy at any time with them, and it’s especially helpful at allowing them to drift off to sleep. To see what tracks are listed and to get this bargain for yourself, click here to check it out.

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