A Good Nights Rest: A Buying Guide To Classical Music

A Good Nights Rest: A Buying Guide To Classical Music

While music is always changing, there is always a genre of music that still creates a positive impact in our lives. Classical music is a prime example of this, as it helps lower your heartbeat and reduces psychological stress.

That’s why we created this guide to help music hobbyists find the right playlists to help them relax and drift into sleep. With these top 5 music compilations, you and even your cat, will have enough songs to listen to before bedtime.

Ready? Now let’s begin!

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Best Chillout Classical Music

99 Must-Have Chillout Classics

Best Wellness Classical Music

Best Egyptian Classical Music

Best Classical Music For Cats

Best Classical Music For ​Relaxation

Meditation Classical Relaxation

Best Chillout Classical Music

99 Must Have Chillout Classics

Highlight Songs:

  • ​Menute
  • ​Four Seasons - Vivaldi
  • ​Song without words in E major op.19,1 - Jenö Jando
  • Play Circle
    An die Musik - Daniel Benkö
  • Play Circle
    Romance in E minor - Vilmos Fischer
99 Must-Have Chillout Classics


Starting off our list is the 99 Must Have Classical Chillout Classics. This is a playlist of over 99 songs of music from the most listened to classical musicians of our time and before. It features songs from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and from Beethoven alike.

Priced at $1.99, this 99 music compilation gives you a lot of value for its price. All of the songs are played in either Sonata, Piano Concierto’s, and Menute’s which are all orchestrated to their highest form. Thus, you’ll have a fun playlist that has diversity throughout their songs.

One of the main reasons why customers like 99 Must Have Chillout Classics is because of the music variation. Unlike competing compilations that have songs in one BPM, the 99 Must Have Chillout Classics has a mixture of fast and slow songs to guide you through whatever you’re feeling once it’s played.

Some of the more noticeable songs on this playlist are Mozart - Piano Concerto No.21 in C major K. 467: II. Andante and Beethoven - Piano Sonata No.14 "Moonlight Sonata": I. Adagio sostenuto. While these songs are different in speed and feeling, the compilation still showcases the musicians’ best work. Thus, when you listen to 99 Must Have Classical Chillout Classics, you’ll hear the best relaxing music of the 16th century and beyond.

The only critique users have about this playlist is the lack of detail or notification so the listener knows what song they’re playing. For instance, the song Nocturne in E flat major is actually a remake and some research shows that its Nocturne No. 2 in E-flat Major, Op. 9. So you’ll have to do some digging to see which version of the song is playing when using this playlist.

Mainly, the 99 Must Have Chillout Classics is one of the most relaxing and soothing compilations in Amazon’s audio store. For it’s price, you’re getting 99 of the best relaxing classical music from some of the best periods of classical composition.

Best Wellness Classical Music

Pure Wellness & Lounge Music - Awake!

Highlight Songs:

  • ​Sunrise
  • ​Birdsong
  • ​Morning Concert
  • Play Circle
    ​Water Meditation
  • Play Circle
    ​The Silent Rocks


Sometimes we need music throughout the day to keep us relaxed. And in some businesses, they tend to play this type of music to keep their customers patient until they are able to be served. For those wanting music to ease their company’s mind, then the Pure Wellness & Lounge Music is the best choice for you.

This compilation features 10 songs that are aimed to put the mind in a meditative state. You’ll have over 48 minutes of music that can help you doing daily tasks such as studying, reading, and meditation. This playlist soothes listeners via the lofty notes and spacious compositions.

The songs are straightforward and play the sound of the song title. For instance, Track 6 plays Birds in the Sky, a song that has a myriad of beautiful birds singing for over 6 minutes.

We really like “The Silent Rocks” and the “Water Meditation” songs as they are more subtle and bring sound scapes of cascading waters or tranquil environments directly to your ears.  You’ll feel like you’re resting at the beach or hearing calm water once you go through this section of the compilation.

One of the main flaws is the entire playlist’s length. While 48 minutes is still good for those who want to enjoy a quick break throughout their day, some listeners wished there were more songs on the compilation. If the playlist had 20-30 extra songs, it would give the listeners more time to hear more calm music in one sitting without needing to loop it.

Still, we believe that the Pure Wellness & Lounge Music is a great music playlist for those want to hear classical music for relaxing. Not only does the playlist have over 10 songs of music made to please the ears, but it also is easy to navigate between the songs without a harsh change in tone or vibe. So try out this compilation if you need to have some positive music to help kickstart your day.

Best Egyptian Classical Music

Pharoah Sound of Mystery - Volume 1

Highlight Songs:

  • ​I. Egypt Nature - Old Egypt Dance
  • ​II. Mystic Places - Luxor
  • ​III. Pharaoh Visions - Power Of Immortality
  • Play Circle
    ​I. Egypt Nature - Caravan Procession
  • Play Circle
    ​III. Pharaoh Visions - Awakening


Sometimes, we want to hear the music of other timelines to help keep us relaxed. And the Pharoah Sound of Mystery is the compilation to help with just that. With over 11 songs, you’ll have a diverse soundscape of Egyptian music to keep you entertained.

The songs are split up into three different acts as if to show different moods throughout the compilation. For example, the Act I Egypt Nature, offers a desert soundtrack that reminds the listener of a session of traversing the desert or a crowded street in Egypt.

But what makes the music more interesting is as the acts flow from one to another, they’ll invoke a different emotion. Act II Mystic Places has more of a tighter feel to the song, as if it has a winding yet heavier vibe, making the listener feel as if they are inside a group of catacombs.

By time the listener reaches Act III Pharoah Visions, they’ll hear more ethereal sounds, giving it the appearance that a Pharoah is preaching their visions to their disciples. Throughout the compilation, you’ll have an enjoyable music experience since the songs transition almost seamlessly in a storylike fashion.

One thing that makes this compilation stand out is the varying speeds of the songs. For instance, the Egypt Nature - Old Egypt Dance is a fast paced song, that gives the listener the that same feeling as if they were in an Egyptian palace.

But, there are slower songs through 2/3rds of the compilation. The song Mystic Places - Luxor is a 5:30 track giving a slow reprise to the previous track.

The only thing off about the compilation lies within the song lengths  themselves. There are some songs that users wished were shortened or extended according to their preferences. Despite this issue, you’ll have a good 11 songs to give you that “Night in the Pyramids” feeling once you hear this compilation.

Basically, the Pharoah Sound of Mystery is a good compilation for those wanting to feel as if they’re out in their imagined version of the Egyptian Desert. So give this compilation a go!

Best Classical Music For Cats

Winner: Catnip Classics

Highlight Songs:

  • ​Canon In D
  • ​Ave Maria
  • ​Menuet
  • Play Circle
    ​Hungarian Dance No. 5 In G Minor
  • Play Circle
    ​Wedding March From "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Yes, even your cats love classical music. With Catnip Classics, you’ll have 15 songs made to keep your cat purring in delight. Popular songs like “Ave Maria” are included to ensure that your cat can receive the best calming music within minutes.

You can either buy the MP3 edition of this compilation for $4.99 or play it again and again with Amazon Music’s unlimited streaming. Either way, you’ll have an hour and ten minutes of relaxing music to help your cat sleep better and improve their overall mood.

Music aficionados like Catnip Classics because it plays choice selections of Eastern European music. For instance, Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor is 2 minutes of loud drums and a happy theme coming together in a pefect package delivered by the skilled orchestra on this track. This will keep your cat in good spirits and is one of the more relaxing songs in the compilation.

Another good classic on the song is “Canon In D”. The song is 4 minutes of medium paced violins and horns played leading the composition on conjunction with the rest of the orchestra.

However, there is one song that isn’t very fitting for some cat owners. The song Trumpet Concerto In E Flat Major: III. Allegro is one of the louder songs on the compilation and it could either scare your cat or harm their ears. Just make sure to play the music at a reasonable volume in order for them to enjoy some of the more complex songs on the compilation.

We believe that the Catnip Classics is a good audio compilation for cat owners as well as their pet cat or kitten. This classical playlist has musicians such as Mendelssohn and Johann Pachelbel to help add tranquility to your household.

Runner Up: PurrFect Melodies

Highlight Songs:

  • ​Kitty Stretch
  • ​Watching Fish
  • ​Nap Time
  • Play Circle
    ​Kitty’s Ocean Dream
  • Play Circle


Last on our list is PurrFect Melodies. Dave Miller has created a compilation of over 15 songs that are used to help your cat fall asleep within 40 minutes of listening. Unlike the Catnip Classics, the songs on this compilation are slower and have a more meditative feeling.

The most popular song on the compilation is Watching Fish on Track 6. The track starts off with relaxing water sounds and with a simple melody. When hearing this song, your cat will start to slow down their activity and start to sleep. Thus, this relaxing classical music for sleeping compilation is great for cats that are overactive.

This compilation has its fair share of energetic songs as well. For instance, in Waking Up, the song has happy bird chirps and good acoustic guitar sounds that help your cat start the day with increased energy. People like PurrFect Melodies because of its ability to keep their cats behavior under control and help them sleep at night.

Purrfect Melodies ends off their compilation with “Laying in the Sun”. And this song has everything needed to set the tone for a lazy sunday spent loafing around. The song starts off with cat purrs, slow musical melodies and xylophone sounds all designed to soothe your pets.

But, the playlist falls short in its song diversity. While there are songs like “Waking Up” that can increase your cat’s mood and activeness, the rest of the songs just sound the same. We suggest playing this compilation before your cat goes to sleep in order to get the most out of it.

As a whole, PurrFect Melodies is the best music to play when trying to calm an anxious or rambunctious cat.

How Music Helps Us Relax

Did you know that music’s effects are directlyable to impact our emotional state? Since music is made to help our emotions express different feelings, it can be used as an effective stress management tool.

Listening to music can have a huge relaxing effect on our bodies and minds, especially slow classical music. This music has an effect on our psychological functions and lowers heart rate, and decreases the amount of stress hormones due to how it sonically is processed by our brains.

As music is able to capture our attention, it can be a good distraction sometimes. Thus, music is a great complement to meditation, and it helps prevent the mind from wandering out of place. So using music is a great way to ensure that your mind is stable throughout the day.

Music Relaxing

Musical preference varies heavily between individuals, so only you know what music is good for your depending on a certain mood. To some, music may feel like its a waste of time, not being able to complete or achieve anything. But, your productivity is increased when you’re in a low stress mental state, so music is another area where you can notice small rewards.

To incorporate music in your daily life, try playing music in the car or having the radio on when you’re in the shower. Take your MP3 player with you when you’re walking your dog or play the stereo instead of the TV.

Singing is another great way to release tension from our voices and our minds. Playing calming music before bedtime helps induce sleep and produces relaxation and sleep.

The Power Of Music To Reduce Stress

Depending on what you listen to, the music you’re playing might have some stress reducing properties. Most of the time, this music is calm instrumental music that’s played at a slow-moderate BPM.

So what type of music helps reduce stress the most? This might sound unexpected at first but Native American, Indian, or Celtic themed instruments are known to help reduce stress. Sounds of thunder, rain and lightning can help create a positive effect when its tuned with relaxing instrumentals such as jazz.

Stress at work

Because of this, its safe to say that music is a great form of mental therapy. Not only does it have the ability to let the imagination run wild and stimulate, but the right music can induce almost any type of emotion in the listener. When looking for stress reducing music find something that allows you to clear your head and take your mind off what you’re currenlty feeling. If it doesn’t, chances are its too upbeat or too exciting to make you relax.

Meditation With Music

Certain music is needed for meditation as it allows the mind to slow down and produce the relaxation response. Music without structure can be unsettling or irritating. Playing gentle music comforting and familiar to the listener’s ears can be extremely impactful in a positive way. But you need to search around for which music creates a relaxing feeling for you as an individual. 

For instance, sounds of nature are often used in meditation CDs. Rain and water sounds can be soothing for some people. It can help your mind conjure up calming images such as relaxing beside a mountain stream on a spring day.

Napping With Music

Music is also used to help with sleep therapy as the sounds can beused to improve sleep quality. For example, a study concluded that sleeping with relaxing msuic (especially classical music) 45 minutes before you go to sleep is a great way to experience better and longer sleep patterns that are condusive to rebuilding your body or dreaming.

As you begin to fall asleep, your body starts to produce slower heartbeats. Put simply, the music that you hear helps “tune” the body’s heartbeat towards its sleep zone. This means that music can help you sleep better and help place your body in a state where you can sleep better.

Naping Music

Not a fan of classical music? That’s fine. Your body needs to listen to music at a slow rate as low as 60 BPM in order to get into a relaxed state. The best choice is to find music without words. Songs with words provoke an attention response because your brain thinks someone is talking to you which can interrupt your sleep altogether if you aren’t careful.

You can fall asleep while listening to msuic, but be careful not to wear earbuds or headphones. They can lead to you feeling uncomfortable or hurting your ear canal. Instead, use pillow speakers. They are designed to keep your ears from being damaged and while you listen to relaxing classical music for sleep.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Product

Music is a hobby that invokes a different reaction from listener to listener. Everyone has their perfect song or album, and finding relaxing music is no different. However, there are certain things you need to pay attention for when searching for your next relaxing musical piece. And here are some techniques that will help you experience better sleep with music.

What Helps You Relax?

This is the first question you should ask before buying music. What types of music and/or sounds help you sleep better? Studies have shown that music under 80 BPM are known for being smooth and pleasing to the senses.

But as we stated earlier, everyone has a wide range of musical preferences. So the best course of action is to find out what sounds make you relax and group those songs together in a playlist to help you listen to the music even hours after your first nap. Doing so will help you sleep faster and have a better mood in the morning or post-nap as a result.

What Type Of Music Do You Listen To?

It would be pointless to play smooth classical music, if you’re more into jazz. In order to receive the best sleep, you’re going to have to play music that you’re already accustomed to.

Music Sleeping

To make things easier for you, look back at the most recent music you’ve listened. What emotions did it make you feel? How did you end up listening to music at that point? When searching for sleeping music, sometimes its best to analyze what we’re listening to help us determine what emotions to grab from it.

After you’ve found a few songs that place you in the “weightless” state of mind, then relax and enjoy the music. By listening to music you already listen to, you’ll feel more comfortable and more likely to fall alseep.


In the end, your music choices will determine if you receive a good night’s sleep or no rest at all. That’s why it’s important to look for the music that suits you and helps you get ready for sleep.




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