100 Must Have Movie Classics Review

100 Must Have Movie Classics Review

There are those among us who love more than just the action on screen when watching our favorite movies, and some who actually prefer to listen to the music instead. Reliving the best classics from the big screen isn’t just about watching them again but listening to them, and finding a whole new way to enjoy your favorites.

100 Must Have Movie Classics is a great way to enjoy films by listening to the best part – the soundtrack. This album features 100 different classics from your favorite films that help you relive the best parts of your beloved films.

100 Must Have Movie Classics

100 Must Have Movie Classics is a compilation of the best music to come from films, all presented in a classical style. Half of the fun of listening to this is trying to remember the scene it comes from, but it also helps you appreciate movies in a whole new way.

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On this album, you’ll find many pieces of music that are instantly recognizable and help to draw you back into what you loved so much about the film. Some examples of the masterpieces that 100 Must Have Movie Classics has to offer are:

  • ​Ave Maria from Alive
  • ​The Thieving Magpie: Overture from A Clockwork Orange
  • ​Fur Elise from Rosemary’s Baby

​The Good And The Bad

This album does what many other movie classics fails to do, and that’s to deliver an absolute variety in the songs. There are movies from every genre and some of the best classical pieces ever written so you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice.

Rosemarys Baby Music

Some reviews have mentioned that the volume of these songs, when played on the MP3, is quite low in volume. This shouldn’t be a problem for most listeners, but if you’re listening on a device that isn’t capable of higher volumes then you may need to reconsider.

Where To Buy 100 Must Have Movie Classics

To get the best price on this album you can head straight to Amazon and have it downloaded as an MP3. Depending on whether or not you’re a member of Amazon Prime you can expect to pay just a few dollars for it, which is great value considering there are 100 songs on the compilation.

While it would have been good to see a CD version available, the MP3 will allow most people to enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

For us, music lovers, the best part of a movie is often the soundtrack. 100 Must Have Movie Classics is a way to relive all of your favorite movies or even your favorite classic songs that were featured in here.

To check out what else the album has to offer, click here to check out the track listing and get I for yourself.

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