60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Review

60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Review

If work or life has been stressing you out, you need to give yourself a break and let your brain have a rest. Classical music is scientifically known to lower stress levels in some way as well as help you focus on completing tasks efficiently.

College students everywhere rely on a study method that requires you to listen to classical music as you’re studying, What better classical music album to listen to than one that has all the classics you’d be familiar with?

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This type of album exists, and it goes by the name the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album. You will hear some familiar tunes, but you'll also expand your classical music taste as you delve deeper into the album.

To get to know more about the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album, you should keep on reading.

About The Product

Those looking for some well-recorded wedding classics, then this is the album for you. The recordings that have been composed by the Royal Wedding Orchestra are fine choices to choose from, and the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album has more than enough tracks composed by them. Features:

  • Came out in 2011
  • Length: 4 hours & 50 minutes
  • Ideal for Weddings & Other Occasions

Some of these tracks also include church bells that sound so realistic you'd think church bells were going off outside. The 1812 Overture is a favorite amongst listeners because not only does it include the church bells but also the cannons.

You get to enjoy classical music from all eras from the Renaissance all the way to the 1900’s. If you’re not a typical classical music listener, this album would be an excellent introduction because of how diverse the classical compositions are.

If you purchase the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album on Amazon, you should rest assured that the sound quality will suffice. Amazon is known to release their audio files with bit rates of an average of 256 kilobits per second, which is optimal quality.

What Others Say

Since 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics is the name of this album, people often assume that these were the identical tracks that are played in English Royal Weddings. This is not the case because every royal wedding has its unique playlist of classical compositions. For instance,

If you're seeking artists that Kate and William will be hearing, I'd suggest you look at the recordings of Claire Jones, who is the official harpist to the Prince of Wales and will be playing at the reception. The London Chamber Orchestra also has extensive listings on Amazon.

If you expect this album to contain the same compositions that Kate and William listened to at their wedding, you'll be disappointed to find out that it doesn't. The orchestra that plays at the royal wedding consists of the London Chamber Orchestra, which is not the sole orchestra you'll find on 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics.

Philharmonic-Chamber Orchestra Of London

The 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics is a compilation of various orchestras around the world ranging from Budapest to London. For some of the songs, you won't even know who the orchestra playing is because Amazon doesn't offer that information. It'll just say, "various artists."

Those looking for a more accurate royal wedding album than this one, you'd rather enjoy one by the London Chamber Orchestra. However, if you want some wedding classics to have ready to play on your computer, then you can't go wrong with the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album.

Buying Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album contains so much variety when it comes to instruments that you won’t get bored listening through the entire CD. That’s over four hours of classical music that won’t seem tedious to listen to after two tracks.

Since this classical album draws inspiration from the music used throughout all the Royal Weddings that occurred in Great Britain, you'll hear the distinction between what was popular in certain eras.

This is great news for those who have a specific classical music taste and prefer to hear a certain instrument after every other track. Every track on the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album is uplifting and majestic, thanks to the bagpipes and distinct instruments that come together to create magic.

We can assure you that there is a track on the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album to appeal to everyone.

An issue some classical music aficionados had with the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics is that the album looks like it was put together is a rushed matter, and no thought was put into it. For instance, some of the tracks don't have the name of the composer attached, which will take time out of your day to organize if you prefer to keep the music in your computer library in a set order.

Another matter to be dealt with is that there are a handful of songs on the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album that doesn't belong in a wedding album. Track Seven, which translates to "Day of Wrath" is not a song you would want to hear at a wedding.

Those relying on this album for their wedding should consider listening to every track before playing it because some songs might be too morose for such a happy occasion.

Where Can I Buy?

Those who want to give the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album a spin can do so through their computer because it is only available in MP3 format. Amazon is the online vendor you want to go to purchase this album because it offers the best deal out there.

60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics

Source: tidal.com

You can buy each song for a price around 90 cents, which isn't worth it. Instead, you should purchase the entire album for a price under $1.10, and also get to listen to several tracks that are only available if you buy the whole thing.

If you happen to be subscribed to Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, then you’re in luck because you can stream the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album for free.


Now that you know more than enough information about the 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album, you can head on over to Amazon's website and give the samples of the album a listen. These will be 30-second snippets of what the rest of the track entails.

If you end up loving what you’re listening to, then you should give the whole album a try. You might find you prefer certain composers over others when you give the entire 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics Album a run.

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