99 Must-Have Chillout Classics Review

99 Must-Have Chillout Classics Review

Classical music has many known benefits that can enhance your wellbeing. While listening to it, you will discover that your anxiety and depression levels have decreased and that you can focus more clearly on what you are doing. Knowing this information makes it no surprise that this genre of music has been loved for so many centuries.

The 99 Must-Have Chillout Classics album puts all of this into action by compiling a list of some of the most popular songs of all time into one place so that you can listen to these works of art while you are reading, relaxing, sleeping, or doing any activity that you enjoy.

This album also gives newer musicians and composers a chance to shine by including their takes on the favored songs of the centuries. Artists such as Evelyne Dubourg and Jenö Jando are featured, along with many other upcoming composers and musicians.

Two Legendary Compositors

If you are looking to learn more about this album and find out if it is suitable for you, this review will tell you all of the essential features that this album possesses. First, we will look at the features that any worthy classical music album should have, to give you an idea of what to look for.


It probably comes as no surprise to you that quality will be one of the features we mention. With any music that you want to listen to, whether it be rock, country, or classical, it is the one thing that will make the music worth listening to in the first place. We have all been there when listening to a great album, and the songs skip or freeze up out of nowhere. 

Sound quality is also essential. This will enable you to listen to all parts of the song with balance instead of the instruments trying to overtake each other or the vocals not being heard over the music. You'd be surprised by the number of albums out there that have this problem that still appear perfect.


When it comes to albums that have a lot of songs and features, you will have people that don't appreciate new artists and some that embrace new faces. If you are the type who only wants the original work of the pieces that are featured, be sure that you check and research the album itself to see if it meets your standards.

For most, this is not a problem, as remakes of classical music are usually just as beautiful and amazing as the original pieces.  However, if they are not the original works, see if there is a way for you to sample one or two of the songs beforehand to ensure if it is something worth listening to.

Now that we have gone over a little bit of the advice that will aid you in making a wise and satisfactory purchase, it is time to discuss the details of the 99 Must-Have Chillout Classics to get to know the album and what it has to offer.

About The Product

Cobra Entertainment has put together their own arrangement of popular classical songs to help listeners chillout and get the relaxation they need for their busy and stressful lifestyles. Various artists have come together to recreate these loved songs, giving opportunities for both the listener and musician to shine. Specifications:

  • Contains 99 songs of the most popular and well known of classical music
  • Amazon Prime exclusive
  • Unbeatable price for the amount of quality the content has
  • Duration: 7:17:15
  • Produced by Cobra Entertainment

One of the best things about this chillout album is, of course, that it helps you chill out. The majority of the songs on the track have a slow and melodious tune that gives a soothing effect to the listener's mind.

Young Woman Listening To Chill Classic Music

There are also a few songs on the album that are a little more upbeat, but not too much to where it interrupts the relaxing mood that the other songs produce.

The songs and the way that they are presented on the album are very consistent. Because of this, they are suitable for times when you need assistance in sleeping or if you are studying. No one wants to hear relaxing music and then it jumps to something very loud and fast without warning.

The inclusion of 99 songs is very impressive, especially when it comes to the depth and difficulty level of this type of music. With seven hours of listening time, it makes it even better for sleeping, as you can listen to it the entire night.

The duration also makes this album suitable for any activity that you have to do that involves concentration since you will not have to worry about changing or switching to another record or playlist in one sitting. 

Because of this extensive collection of songs, there is no doubt that you will find a lot of your favorite songs on the album. Water music, Air, Fur Elise, Barcarole, and many more popular hits are featured. If you are not a classical music fanatic, this album gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and get to know the classics intimately.

What Others Say

Many of the customers that bought this album were surprised by the quality that was provided for such a low price. To be able to achieve the perfect order of 99 songs for them to flow is a challenge, and this is something that anyone who has bought this CD has noticed. The only complaint is by a few customers who did not like that they were not originals.

Buying Advice

This album is available on Amazon for just under $3. Unfortunately, if you were looking to obtain a physical copy of the CD, you will not be able to due to it being an Amazon exclusive. If this is not a problem for you, you will be pleased that you can get this piece at such a low price. Upon purchase, you can download it immediately.

99 Must-Have Chillout Classics


The 99 Must-Have Chillout Classics is a perfect choice for everyone, whether you are just now joining the classical world or have been a part of it forever. It gives new listeners the opportunity to hear all of the classics in one place and offers long-time listeners a sense of nostalgia. Thank you for reading, and we hope that you enjoyed it.

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