99 Must-Have Halloween Classics Review

99 Must-Have Halloween Classics Review

The general consensus regarding Halloween is that it is completely awesome! It is perhaps the most inclusive and all around fun holiday to celebrate world wide. People from all walks of life and ages get together to celebrate this ancient Pagan inspired holiday.

It is a nondenominational all-inclusive holiday that brings people together and allows them to express their wildest fantasies and dive deep into their creative minds to embody fictional and real-life characters in the spirit of fun and shared experience.

Why Halloween Is So Important?

Halloween is a time for fun, laughter, and most importantly parties! Halloween parties bring people together and allow them to cut loose and blow off steam with friends and strangers. There are all kinds of different types of Halloween parties to go to.

Group Of People On Halloween Party

Halloween parties are common amongst literally every demographic society has to offer. Whether you are a kid going to a school sponsored Halloween dance, a nine to fiver going to an office party with your colleagues, or simply hosting a private party at home, the Halloween music playlist is a vital part of the ambiance and overall experience.

Halloween music is not necessarily a genre so compiling a list of suitable music for such an event can be quite the daunting task. Putting together parties can be a very enriching and fun experience for those who like to be great hosts and show people a good time.

It is also very stressful predicament to be in charge of everyone's good time and Halloween experience. Not only is it an important and vital function of every party planner to find great music to set the mood, but it is also a very difficult and time-consuming task.

Parties are a great example of why music and settings are so important. Everyone is influenced by their surroundings, and the experience is contingent upon a variety of factors. Perhaps the most important factor of all is music.

If you were to attend a Halloween party playing pop country or some other unrelated genre of music the mood can deviate from a festive Halloween setting into a nondescript themeless get-together.

In short, having the proper musical setting is a key and vital component of setting the right mood for your particular celebration.

Halloween Music Options

Music Apps

Everyone has music apps on their phones or personal devices. These apps compile a list of music chosen by an algorithm automatically and electronically. Sometimes these apps get way off base and explore different musical options that are often times non-related to the desired mood you are trying to project.

While these apps are a quick and easy route for party settings, they are not as special as having a designated playlist that is specifically curated and tailored towards a certain experience.

Hiring A Professional

DJ's are a unique and eclectic group of people who possess the skill set of knowing how to set the mood but to keep people engaged and having fun. Picking out music and arranging tracks in a specific order that promotes flow and seamless continuity is in itself an art form.

You do not have to be an event planner to throw a party and often times paying for such services can be a costly and unnecessary expense. Most DJ's charge a flat rate of at least fifty dollars an hour. While partying and having fun, no one wants to have to keep track of time or spend unnecessary money. 

Pro DJ's On Halloween Party

Putting money into a DJ can limit the number of snacks, treats, decorations, and even down to how much you can put into your own costume. While it is easy to pay someone else to take over the musical reigns, it is way more gratifying and inexpensive to do it yourself.

Doing It Yourself

While you may be saving money on a DJ by choosing the music yourself, this decision can also put limitations on time you spend enjoying or planning your party or event. It is very difficult to pick out songs on the fly as well.

Picking individual songs can be such a time-consuming endeavor and often times different music platforms have limitations set by copyright laws on which songs are available in their individual network.

The best way to efficiently and cost-effectively choose music for your party, gathering, shindig, haunted house experience, or simply set the mood for trick or treaters is to purchase a musical soundtrack or playlist that is specifically designed for the occasion at hand.

As stated Halloween music is not a genre so compiling a list of spooky songs or Halloween themed music is a very difficult task to undertake. The best option is to purchase the 99 Must-Have Halloween classics. Just press play and walk away!

About The Product

The 99 Must-Have Halloween Classics playlist is the perfect way to get your party started and set the right mood for all the lucky attendees. The playlist features ninety-nine different Halloween related tracks that are guaranteed to keep everyone's hair standing on the back of their neck. Specifications:

  • 99 Spooky Tracks
  • Classical Music Influences
  • Excellent flow from track to track
  • Well known tracks from feature films

It features original tracks from the movie "The Exorcist" and many more famous renditions. The tracks consist of many classical tracks that give the feeling of an ancient or ominous spooky destination. You are literally catapulted into a world of ghosts, goblins, witches, ninjas, and pure imagination with this soundtrack!

What Others Say

The 99 Must-Have Halloween Classics soundtrack received impressive and positive reviews from all sorts of party throwers. Forty-two percent of customers gave this a stellar five-star review stating the product as the perfect way to set the mood.

Halloween Classics

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Don't be a poor host and skimp on your guests having a good time. Step up and buy the 99 Must-Have Halloween Classics collection and watch your guest's imaginations run wild. You will soon become the new Great Gatsby of parties with this truly awesome and spooky playlist!

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