Best Classical Music for Kids: Our Top 5 Picks

Best Classical Music for Kids

Babies cry. A lot. And they do it all night long, every night for months on end. The best and most effective way to calm a crying baby is by singing or humming the same song over and over again until they fall asleep. But there are thousands of songs out there to choose from, so how can you pick the right one?

Best Classical Music for Kids

We've taken care of that problem for you by compiling a guide of the best classical music for kids. From Mozart to Mahler, from Tchaikovsky to Bach, and from Dvorak to Haydn, this list covers the best of the best when it comes to classical music for babies.

You'll find some well-known tunes mixed in with some surprises that will ease your baby into dreamland without driving you nuts first!

1. 100 Must-Have Lullaby Baby Classics

Music is an important part of a child's development. Kids love the sound of a parent’s voice, but they also enjoy listening to music. Many parents find it difficult to choose the right kind of music for their little ones, and as a result, kids often get too much or too little stimulation from the sounds around them.

100 Must-Have Lullaby Baby Classics is the perfect album for your baby or toddler. The songs on this album have been carefully selected based upon popularity and quality, and they include classics like Romance in E Minor by Franz Liszt, Ave Maria by Franz Schubert, and Butterfly by Edvard Grieg.

This album also includes Spanish Guitar Masterpieces such as La Cucaracha (The Cockroach) and El Condor Pasa (If I Could) as well as some lesser-known gems like Jingle Bells in Spanish, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Mozart, and Rock-a-bye Baby.

Give your little one a comforting and happy bedtime with these 100 digitally remastered classic lullabies from music history. Featuring a variety of genres, including classical and instrumental, your little one will drift to sleep, relaxed and serene!

The sounds of Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and J. S. Bach are a great way to introduce your children to classical music. As such, this album is packed with famous pieces such as Clair de Lune by Debussy, Minuet in G Major by Bach, and Ode To Joy by Beethoven.

This is a must-have collection of music for your kids. They'll love it too because the music is so fun and relaxing to listen to! There are also 12 popular nursery rhymes such as Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Hush Little Baby.

The composers on 100 Must-Have Lullaby Baby Classics include Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Bach, Mozart, Grieg, Schubert, and many more. If you’re looking for the best classical music for your kids (ages 0-10), this is it!


  • Tracks: 100
  • Artists: Various
  • Duration: 6 hours, 28 minutes
  • Release Date: December 18, 2012


  • Fun and easy way to relax
  • 100 songs are digitally remastered for quality sound
  • Quality music that kids will love to listen to


  • None

This album is perfect for parents who want their little one to grow up with an appreciation of music from around the world. 

Sweet Dreams is a collection of lullabies and classic children's songs for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It includes classics like Brahms's Lullaby, Notturno by Heinz Fricke, The Sleeping Beauty by Hans Vonk, and other pieces that will get your kid hooked on orchestral music.

Your baby will drift off to sleep with the gentle sounds of these soothing melodies. You'll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing you're giving your child the best possible start in life - one filled with sweet dreams!

These songs will become family favorites that you'll want to share with all of your friends and relatives who come over to visit. They're also great if you need to hear something soothing while cooking dinner or cleaning up around the house. Just put on this music and let it do its magic! 

Your child will love these songs too because they're not only good for sleeping but also for learning about different instruments and melodies from around the world.

The album includes renowned artists such as Joseph Haydn, Andrea Vigh, Evelyn Dubourg, John Rutter, Amy Beach, and many more.

Your child will learn to love music and fall asleep faster than you can say "Jingle Bells.”


  • Tracks: 32
  • Artists: Various
  • Duration: 1 hour, 57 minutes
  • Release Date:  July 26, 2011


  • Great for the whole family
  • Include songs specifically designed to help your baby fall asleep
  • Help give your child a global perspective
  • Music can be enjoyed by all ages


  • Limited number of tracks

Children's music is not always age-appropriate. There are a lot of great kids albums out there, but they often have simple songs about rainbows and unicorns that don't help children learn.

Classic for Kids solves this problem by providing fun and educational music for your child to enjoy! Plus, the music is in Spanish, so it will help your child learn the language.

This album features 17 classic Latin American songs sung by professional artists who sing exclusively in Spanish. The lyrics teach basic vocabulary like colors and numbers as well as more advanced concepts like the alphabet, animals, food, family members, body parts, etc.

With over 51 minutes of music (including two full-length stories), you can feel confident knowing your child will be entertained while learning new things at the same time! With this album, they'll be listening to Robert Schumann, Johann Strauss II, Johannes Brahms, and more.

It's also great for adults too, as it offers a wide variety of classical music to soothe those experiencing a stressful day. The melodies are fun and catchy with lyrics that are easy to sing along with. This album can even be used as background music while cooking dinner or cleaning up after snack time.

The 17 selections will go a long way towards helping teach your children about classical music pieces. They're great for any occasion, and there's something on here for everyone, from Mozart's Toy Symphony to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’s Allegro.

The sound quality is amazing too, so you won't have to worry about distortion. The artists really know how to capture the essence of each piece and bring it to life for kids.


  • Tracks: 17
  • Artists: Various
  • Duration: 51 minutes
  • Release Date: September 29, 2009


  • Professionally composed
  • Includes classical favorites kids will love


  • Limited number of songs

The 50 Must-Have Children’s Classics album is perfect for long car rides, trips to the grocery store, or playtime with your kids. From Peter and the Wolf to Carnival of the Animals, it's all here.

The album includes over 2 1/2 hours of whimsical instrumental tales that will make you fall in love with classical music all over again. Break out this album at bedtime to put a smile on your baby's face.

This gripping new compilation takes you back to a bygone era and into fairy tales through orchestral sounds. Get your child hooked on classical music with this collection that features some of the most famous children's classics.

This album has something for everyone, so you can also jam along with your favorite children’s classics. Listen to jazz as you dance around a ballroom, or western tunes as you gallop across the prairies of America and Canada.

These tunes will make any little kid in training squeal with delight. Compiled specifically for today's modern family, it will not disappoint.


  • Tracks: 50
  • Artists: Various
  • Duration: 2 hours, 42 minutes
  • Release Date: August 27, 2013


  • Excellent renditions of classical music that will appeal to kids
  • Brings a sense of joy to your child
  • Great way for children to discover classical music
  • Wide range of songs
  • Clear recording
  • Great for road trips to keep your baby calm
  • Excellent for putting your baby to sleep


  • Some of the tracks drag on for too long

Mozart for Learning features the world's most famous melodies and follows a progressive approach to music education with smaller pieces leading into larger ones. This album includes over 30 Mozart masterpieces to teach your child about time, introduce different instruments, and inspire deep thoughts. You'll be inspired every day!

The album provides an entertaining soundtrack for learning without ever having to leave your child's side. You will also get to enjoy the benefits of music with this collection. The hypnotic music by classical legend Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is so powerful that it was once even thought to help boost intelligence, IQ test scores, and spatial awareness skills - a phenomenon known as the Mozart effect.

So, boost your child's brainpower and potential with this collection of Mozart musical selections for children ages 2-6. Using rich melodies, shifting rhythms, and expressive harmonies, these talented artists bring the European Classical Era to life.

The result is an album that will exercise every part of a young mind as it gains new skills in math, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, all while enjoying one of the greatest composers in history!


  • Tracks: 30
  • Artists: Various
  • Duration: 2 hours, 47 minutes
  • Release Date: May 28, 2013


  • Great for exercising the mind of your young ones as they learn new skills
  • Guest artists provide a fresh perspective
  • Themes are engaging and energetic
  • Music can be enjoyed by all ages, not just children


  • Limited number of tracks

Buyer's Guide

It’s preferable to introduce your child to classical music as early as possible so they become familiar with classical scores and can appreciate this music more throughout life. Our collection of the best classical music for kids has something for everyone, combining music for kids with legendary classical soundtracks.

To help you make a more informed decision, we've compiled a detailed buyer's guide to give you a better idea of what each album entails.

Best Classical Music for Kids Aged 0 to 10

100 Must-Have Lullaby Baby Classics is the best choice if you’re looking for soothing music to put your baby to sleep. This album has been digitally remastered to provide great sound quality, which makes it the best for young babies.

Best Classical Music for Your Child's Development

Sweet Dreams is the perfect album for your little one's development, from newborn to toddler. The album was created by a team of music therapists who have worked with thousands of children over the years and discovered that classical music has an incredible calming effect on babies.

The goal is to help your child fall asleep faster so you can enjoy more restful nights as well. This album features 32 songs that will help calm your baby down in no time at all. Plus, every song is under 2-minutes long, so it won't wear you out playing them over and over again as your child drifts off into dreamland.

Best Classical Music for Older Kids

Classics for Kids brings together the most popular classics from various genres in a new way that will keep the attention of today’s children while introducing them to timeless melodies they can enjoy for years to come.

This album has been carefully compiled by a team of experts so you don't have to worry about what your kids are listening to. They'll be singing along with these songs before you know it!

Best Classical Music for Sleeping

50 Must-Have Children’s Classics is the best album for helping your baby sleep. It has a wide range of classical songs that will keep your little one calm and relaxed as you both fall asleep.

The best thing about this album is the soft, smooth renditions of classical music by various artists that will mellow your kid out and help them get to sleep faster.

Best Classical Music for Learning

The Smart Kidz Club Mozart for Learning album was carefully designed with your baby's best interest in mind and is specially crafted so your little one benefits from three aspects: nature sounds, soothing rhythms, and melodic refrains.

With this album, you can generate a peaceful environment for your infant children while they listen to various artists like Ludwig Van Beethoven & others.


You and your kid will have lots of fun listening to these classical music tracks from legendary composers like Mozart, Richard Strauss, Edvard Grieg, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and many more. There are lots of options for kids of all ages.

So, get your children started with our selection of the best classical music for kids to keep your child's musical journey on the right track. Want more articles about classical music? Check out our comprehensive guide to classical music and beyond!

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