Catnip Classics Album Review

Catnip Classics Album Review

It has been debated for quite some time now if animals can enjoy and understand music in the way that we do or are affected in any way at all, and cats, in particular, have always been a question.

The difference between cats and other domesticated animals is that they have a broader range of emotion that they express openly and are more aware of their surroundings, which is no doubt the reason that we are curious about this topic is the first place. They are more responsive to certain things and are even caught time and time again watching TV.

One particular psychologist was curious enough to experiment on cats to see how they responded to different types of music, and the results are used today to make music that makes cats feel safe and calm. He concluded that cats are more relaxed and less stressed when listening to classical music, but not just any conventional arrangement.

Cat Listening Music

They had more of a response to songs that had notes and melodies that matched the high frequency that is used when they communicate with us and other animals and had the low vibrations from the bass that matched their purrs.

The album from the Catnip Classics used this knowledge to incorporate the perfect songs to soothe your feline and make them feel at ease. Being a cat lover, you know how they can be when they are upset or irritable. Read on in this review to learn more about how the Catnip Classics is perfect for you and your cat.


Before we get into our review of the Catnip Classics, you will need to know what to look for when choosing classical albums to ensure that you get the best out of your purchase. One of the most important features to consider is variety.

When it comes to any genre of music, an album with songs that are too like each other will be boring to hear, whether for cat or human. Look for a CD that has options to choose from, like songs in minor keys and that are more upbeat. Aside from this, make sure that the list is extensive and has more than just a few songs, ten at the very least.


Before going out to buy music, you will need to know how it sounds. That is why it is important to ensure that the place that you are buying it from has a sample of the album so that you will be more confident in your decision.

Plus, you will have to like it just as much as your cat since you will most likely be listening to it with them. Samples are perfect for this situation, especially if you are not too sure about how you feel about classical music. If you feel like the album has too many slow and dreary songs, look for an album that has more upbeat tunes that still have calming effects.

About The Product

Catnip Classics has provided customers with the classical music that they know and love with a twist. The songs included on the album are suitable for calming and relaxing your cat, making it an excellent choice for anyone who winds down with their cat at the end of a long day. Specifications:

  • Fifteen classic tracks included
  • Sold by Amazon Digital Services, meaning that it is automatically available if you have Amazon Prime unlimited streaming
  • Contains songs that meet the requirements for cat-specific music

The Catnip Classics is one of the best albums out there that is made specifically for cats. They understand that cats can't listen to any kind music and get the effects that are desired, so they compiled a list of classics that will make your cat's ears perk up and slow down their heart rate.

Cat Playing Piano

The classics that are included are old favorites that have been popular for centuries. The inclusion of songs that we know and love, such as Canon in D, Ave Maria, the Four Seasons: Spring, and many more, will take you to back to the times that you first heard them. This ensures that you will love the music as well and that it doesn't have to be for just cats.

If you and your cat love to cuddle and sleep together, this album will be perfect for you, as classical music is not only soothing for our feline friends, but also for us. Classical music can help keep the stress of everyday life at bay and allow you to relax and find your Zen, which is needed to have high-quality sleep. 

It also helps you concentrate when you are working or studying. Whenever our laptop is out to work, or we have to study for a big test, cats always seem to find a way to snuggle up with you - even if that means laying right on your work. The classical music works as a middle ground, allowing you to feel concentrated and relaxed while your cat gets the sleep they need.

What Others Say

Many customers have enjoyed this album because of the music and how it affected their cats. Some that have bought this product reported that playing the CD for their cat when recovering from very stressful events such as surgery helped speed up the amount of time it took to recover.

Others also report that it makes their kittens calm down after an intense playtime session, which we know all new cat owners need with how much energy they can have. The only problem that has emerged for a small percentage of buyers is that their cats did not react to the music. This gave them more time to enjoy it themselves.

Buying Advice

If you are interested in purchasing this calming and relaxing arrangement of classical music for you and your cat, you will be happy to know that it is incredibly affordable.

Catnip Classics Album Review


As mentioned earlier, if you have the streaming service with Amazon, the album is free, and if not, you can get it for just under $9 for a physical copy and $3 for the MP3 album.  You are also able to pick and choose which songs you want by buying the ones you like for only a dollar each.


The Catnip Classics album is great if you have a feline friend that needs a bit of TLC from time to time. We hope that you have enjoyed this review and that it has given you the information you need to make a decision. Thank you for reading.

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