Top 5 Albums Featuring Classical Guitar Songs

Top 5 Albums Featuring Classical Guitar Songs

The guitar is one of the most popular string instruments in classical music. There are different types of guitars in the world of classical music, each of which can create different sounds depending on the type of guitar you have. These include the popular steel-string guitar and the acoustic guitar.

Classical guitar music has grown in popularity because it’s possible to perform the music without any accompaniment. The best part about classical guitar songs is that you can learn how to play right away and start performing your own melodies!

The Best Classical Guitar Songs

Classical guitar songs generally have a softer rhythm, which is why they’re ideal for easy listening. The soft, simple melody of these songs makes them great for guitar students looking to learn the guitar fast.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitar player, there is something for you in our list of the best classical guitar songs.

1. 66 Must-Have Spanish Guitar Masterpieces

If you're looking for some great Spanish guitar music, this album is perfect for you.

This album has 66 masterpieces from the world of Spanish guitar. You'll find a variety of different styles and genres on this album, so it's sure to have something that suits your taste. The songs range from classical pieces to modern compositions.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert guitarist, these songs will provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment! This album includes 3 hours and 46 minutes worth of music, which is more than enough time to get lost in the soundscape created by these beautiful guitars.

You'll be able to play songs by the likes of Simeon Simov, Georgi Moravsky, Rita Honti, and more! It's perfect for beginners or those who are looking for a refresher course in this beautiful instrument.

The pieces are arranged in chronological order, from 16th century to 20th century. It's a great way to explore new sounds or delve into your favorite era with an expert guide.

It’s incredibly easy to use with no downloads or long waits for files to be delivered. You can listen to your music wherever you are just by logging into Amazon Music Unlimited using your phone or tablet device. With over 100 global reviews on Amazon, you can have the confidence to buy something that has been vetted and rated by other users.

And if you're not sure what song might fit your mood, just ask Alexa!


  • Tracks: 66
  • Duration: 3 hours, 46 minutes
  • Release Date: December 20, 2011
  • Artists: Various


  • Content is great for both beginners and professionals
  • Album covers a wide range of musical styles and compositions
  • Over 100 global reviews on Amazon
  • Easy to use with no downloads or long waits for files to be delivered


  • Some of the songs don’t have a Spanish guitar flair

The History of Guitar is a compilation album that features 100 famous songs played on the guitar. This album includes classics like Baletto by Enikö Alram and Tamas Alram, Dowland's Galliard by Denes Bárto & Rita Bálint, and Pavanas by Simeon Simov.

This album is perfect for any guitarist looking to expand their repertoire or for anyone who loves listening to music. It's also great for people who want to learn how to play guitar themselves.

This album will teach you everything there is to know about guitars while providing hours upon hours of entertainment for musicians young and old alike. You'll be able to learn about your favorite artists and discover new ones you had never heard of before.

The History of Guitar is one of the most comprehensive guitar albums ever created, with 100 tracks spanning 5 hours and 18 minutes. You'll hear all the classics from rock to country to jazz, plus some surprises along the way.

And it's not just about guitars. There are also plenty of other stringed instruments featured on this album, including mandolins, banjos, and ukuleles!


  • Tracks: 100
  • Duration: 5 hours, 18 minutes
  • Release Date: February 3, 2015
  • Artists: Various


  • 100 tracks of the greatest guitar music spanning almost six hours
  • Comprehensive playlist that includes rock, country, jazz, and classical pieces
  • Includes lots of instruments aside from guitars like banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins
  • Songs are not too long, so you won't get bored listening to one track
  • Instruments are soothing, which can help put your baby to sleep


  • None

Guitar Lounge is the perfect album for anyone who loves guitar music. It features over 5 hours of guitar-based tunes (100 songs). There’s something here for everyone, from blues to jazz to rockabilly and more.

You'll have access to hours of great guitar music from some of the best artists out there today. It’s like having a personal concert hall right at your fingertips.

The songs are great for any occasion, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the road. Pick any artist and you’re sure to find something that matches your mood. This includes great tracks such as Rita Honti's Spanish Serenade, which is an instrumentally-led song with a slight Spanish lilt. It’s soft and sweet, making it perfect for any romantic setting.

The album also includes Georgi Moravsky's Alfonsina and the Sea, which is one of the best-selling classical guitar songs on this list. The song has been praised as a “hauntingly beautiful tune.”

Other great tracks include A Toy for Two Lutes and Dowland's Galliard by Rita Bálint, who has been described as a “classical guitar queen.” You will also find the likes of Tamas Alram with Courante, which has been described as a “beautiful, rich piece of music.”


  • Tracks: 100
  • Duration: 5 hours, 24 minutes
  • Release Date: April 22, 2016
  • Artists: Various


  • Great value for the money
  • Contains some of the best guitar tracks on the market
  • Clear recordings
  • Lots of variety
  • Music is relaxing


  • One online reviewer from Amazon complained about low volume in the mix

It's hard to relax when you're feeling stressed out, but it can be even harder to find good music that will help you unwind and chill out. 

Classical Guitar Chillout is a two-hour-long album of relaxing classical guitar sounds created by the Amazon Music Team. This album features 26 songs that have been carefully selected for their ability to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in any setting.

The selection includes some great classical guitar players like Roxane Elfasci performing the classic Clair de Lune, the legendary Spanish guitarist Miguel Llobet Solés performing Violin Partita No. 1 in B Minor, and Frantz Casseus playing Suite No. 1 - Coumbite.

Grab your favorite drink, find a comfortable seat, and put on these sweet guitar tunes from some of history's greats. You'll be in heavenly bliss before you know it.

These songs are great for studying, working out, or listening to while cooking dinner. From soothing melodies to gentle rhythms, this playlist will help you relax at the end of your busy day.


  • Tracks: 26
  • Duration: 1 hour, 57 minutes
  • Artists: Various


  • Soothing music for relaxation
  • Great for studying or working out
  • Includes some of the best classical guitar songs ever written
  • Selected by Amazon's music experts


  • Some tracks are too long, which can get boring

The guitar is a very popular instrument, but it can also be difficult to learn. The album 101 Spanish Classical Guitar has helped thousands of people learn how to play the classical guitar, and now you can too! 

This album has been designed by professional musicians and teachers so that anyone can learn from it easily and enjoyably. If you don't know how to read music or play an instrument yet, no worries. This album features songs with simple lyrics that are easy to remember (and sing along with). 

You will quickly become an expert in no time at all. There are 101 songs from famous composers such as Antonio De Lucena and Sergi Vicente. All these musical pieces have been carefully selected so they build upon one another in difficulty level while keeping true to their original style. 

This album is perfect for any guitarist looking to expand their guitar repertoire and learn how to create a beautiful melody. It’s also great for non-guitarists who want to learn about playing music on the guitar.


  • Tracks: 101
  • Artists: Various
  • Duration: 6 hours, 6 minutes
  • Release Date: October 4, 2012


  • Affordable
  • Contains a wide range of songs
  • Great for both beginners and professional guitar players
  • Lyrics are simple and easy to remember


  • None

Buyer's Guide

These albums are the perfect gift for the classical guitar player who appreciates beautiful music. The artistry that went into creating these songs is apparent, and the tracks are arranged effectively so you can play a variety of pieces from each album instead of just one song over and over again.

We have prepared a buyer's guide to help simplify your choice when looking for the best classical guitar songs. These albums have different music with varying ranges of difficulty to suit guitar players of different skill levels. The albums are also soothing and comforting, which is great for those who just need something to help them unwind.   

Best Classical Guitar Songs for Beginners

The album 66 Must-Have Spanish Guitar Masterpieces is the best choice for beginners. When you’re starting, it’s hard to judge which songs will be the best for you or which ones will benefit you most in your musical education. This album has an excellent selection of classical guitar playlists designed for beginners.

Best Classical Guitar Songs for Meditation

The History of Guitar has the best classical guitar songs for meditation. This is a comprehensive compilation of the best classical music that has ever been written. The selection contains guitars of all types including six-string acoustic, twelve-string acoustic, classical, electric, nylon string, and steel string.

The album includes other instruments such as the ukulele, banjo, mandolin, bass, and violin. This makes it a great collection for any occasion including background music, studying, reading, writing, or just relaxing.

Best for Relaxation

If you’re looking for a new album for relaxation, Guitar Lounge is a great option. The tracks are very laid back and can be listened to as background music while you work or relax. This is also a great option for classical guitar fans because it contains some of the most beautiful pieces to play.

The relaxed nature of the music is a big draw, as are some of the songs that are not on many other albums. You’ll find everything here including rock, jazz, blues, folk, and more. It’s perfect for any mood or occasion!

Best Classical Guitar Songs for Studying

Classical Guitar Chillout has the best classical guitar songs for studying. This album is a compilation of some of the best instrumentals for concentration. These tracks were selected by Amazon's music experts and range from warm melodies to gentle rhythms, which will help you buckle down and get some studying done.

Best Classical Guitar Album for Learning the Guitar

The 101 Spanish Classical Guitar album is the best for classical guitar students. It’s simple enough for beginner guitarists to follow, but includes advanced pieces as well. Whether you want to become a virtuoso or just play for fun, this album will give you hours and hours of enjoyment at an extremely reasonable price.


Classical guitar music is perfect for those who want to add some new sounds to their repertoire. Whether you're looking for something classical or modern, there's an album here that will suit your needs! The albums on this list have been chosen based on popularity and quality, so if you need some new music, be sure to check them out.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you’re interested in other great content about classical music, feel free to check out the other articles on our site.

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