PHARAOH: The Sound Of Mystery Vol 1 Review

PHARAOH: The Sound Of Mystery Vol 1 Review

Music is one of the greatest pieces of art to come out of humanity's civilization on earth. Music is believed to have originated around Sri Lanka and Iran with the discovery of a stringed instrument dating back to the prehistoric era. Music has mesmerized people for thousands of years with its soothing and melodic properties

Scientist and anthropologist Charles Darwin’s theory on the origination of music is simply that of a form of courting and attracting a sexual partner in order to procreate and further the lineage of our species. The science of music is one of great perplexion and interest.

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Music has so many properties and unique abilities that it is hard to really comprehend how special and vital it is to the furtherment of our society and civilization.

Properties Of Music


Music is one of the oldest and most dynamic form of communication between human beings and other species of earth. We use music to express our feelings, intentions, to illustrate, and tell stories.

Almost since the beginning of recorded history, we used music to break down barriers of communication between different tribes or groups of people with different dialects and culture.

Music helps to break down communication barriers set up by cultural differences. Just as sign language is universal, so is music. Music has no language other than the rhythmic nature in which it is perceived.

Beats per minute is a term used to describe the pace in which the music is played. The metronomic pentameter (also known as the rate) that music is played expresses intensity.

Slower more melodic melodies produce a sense of ease in those listening while upbeat and uptempo music tends to incite or excite people. These emotions are elicited through wavelengths with no spoken language yet all seem to understand what the melody is trying to convey. It is truly a marvel and unique idiosyncrasy that earth’s life forms share.

Perhaps music is the most basic form of communication that life forms on earth have shared since the beginning of time. Not solely confined to the use of humans, animals are also known to make noises that we humans find melodic and entrancing.

Whales are a prime example of another life form using music for communication. Whales sing to each other, crickets chirp, as do the birds.


Music is not always intended to communicate or convey a certain point of view. Often times music is used solely for the purpose of relaxing and allowing the listener to detach from reality momentarily. The rhythmic nature coincides with energy waves in our body. Many spiritual people use music as a form of meditation.

Music has the intrinsic ability to transport the listener through time and space in an amazing fashion. Simply by listening to music for ten minutes a day has undeniable health benefits and stress reducing qualities. Relaxing music is often times used to study or concentrate because of its ability to calm the central nervous system.

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Many people who attend yoga or other forms exercise use it as a tool to maintain focus on their task at hand. Music allows people to step outside of their current space and transport their mind elsewhere while the body maintains its physical function.


Music can also be used for other purposes outside communication and relaxation. Music can also have motivating qualities such as exciting the listener and heightening his or her sense of being. Many tribes and armies use war drums to connect everyone on the same wavelength.

The rate and intensity in which the music is played, sends adrenaline to the listener which allows them to carry out more primal functions such as self-defense. Not all of the inspiration is intended for acts of violence.

Sometimes music is designed to introvert the listener and help them reach a higher consciousness. Mystic sounds help motivate the listener to look deep within one's self.

Egyptian Music

Egyptian themed music is a very unique type of music. It incorporates many wind instruments, drums, and plucked string instruments. The properties of Egyptian music are mystic and entrancing. It is almost as if it teleports the listener to the foot of the Pyramids.

Qualities Of This Soundtrack

This soundtrack is packed full of easy listening melodies that are designed to relax and soothe the mind of the listener. There are so much mystery and excitement that surrounds Egypt all the way from mummies and curses to ancient aliens. That being said the ambiance this soundtrack creates is one wonder and inspiration.

There are many different applications for this kind of soundtrack. It can be used in a variety of different settings from personal to professional. Soundtrack features:

  • Mystic ambiance
  • Soothing tracks
  • Meditative Properties
  • Hours of enjoyment

This type of music is perfect for a yoga studio session or used for quiet meditation. It can easily be used for personal pleasure, Egyptian themed parties all the way to background music for an educational video or presentation. It has soothing and easy listening properties that make this a wonderful addition to anyone’s music library. 

What Others Say

The customer reviews and feedback are overwhelmingly satisfactory with a unanimous and impressive four-star rating. It comes aptly as described and provides a wonderful listening experience for those who purchased it. All of those who purchased this were pleased with its quality and soothing properties.

PHARAOH: The Sound Of Mystery


This is a wonderful product that comes with many hours of enjoyment and is appropriate for a variety of settings. With its 100 percent customer satisfaction rating it makes it an almost necessary addition to anyone’s musical library.

It is appropriate for all ages and is purely instrumental. The best part about this soundtrack is that you can stream it directly offline or purchase individual tracks.

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